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Lost in Austen

Here are some Lost in Austen icons, with screen caps from community.livejournal.com/angelfish_icons/


The Romantic Hero Collection

Here it is...


I still have a few more lined up, but here's the majority of the collection.

Coming Soon(ish)

Hopefully in the near future, Ill be able to make and post a new collection of icons: The Romantic Hero Collection! We'll see how it goes.

Theme: Twilight

I've been inspired by Breaking Dawn, so here are a couple of Twilight icons...



Theme: Guy and Marian

And here are some Robin Hood icons, with a Guy and Marian theme.



Theme: Richard Armitage

Here are some of my recent creations, featuring the lovely Richard  Armitage...



Hello to anybody who may actually be here! Welcome to my journal. Hopefully there will be plenty for you to see, but who knows!

Several brushes from: http://www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com